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There’s a part of us that intuitively knows something is terribly wrong with the current state of our healthcare system. Looking back in history, the miracles that medicine has been able to achieve with the invention of things like insulin and the Polio vaccine led us to believe that medications are the answer to eradicating illness. Antibiotics for example, curing things that previously -- let’s face it -- people would have died from.


The FACE Foundation is helping providers get back to the basics of anatomy and physiology, the alignment of our structure determining if it’s functioning properly and function determining health and wellness.


To that end, we have formed a coalition between medical, dental, and allied healthcare providers that is aimed at re-aligning our structures when necessary -- particularly our craniofacial structures, since the cranial nerves that come off of our brain stem control our entire body.


If we were to look at the body in terms of alignment and we saw a child that had scoliosis, we would be deeply concerned about the underlying organs and how they would be functioning. Yet, why is it that nobody is concerned about facial asymmetry, facial scoliosis, and how the underlying facial organs are functioning? These underlying organs are our brain structures. Our nervous system. Our airways. All essential elements for human life.


Rather than looking at a face and simply seeing it as attractive or unattractive, we need to be able to automatically do a functional appraisal and ask ourselves: Is there something we can correct to help the entire organism work properly?


Are we ignoring important signs of airway dysfunction? We see our children mouth breathing for example. And evidence that their craniofacial structures are not functioning properly, i.e. crowded teeth. We’re simply not putting all the puzzle pieces together and, as a result, we’re getting sicker and sicker.  We need to work in harmony with the way our body has been designed, to take in air through our nose and nutrition through our mouth. Sounds simplistic, but failure to do this can lead to lifelong issues such as ADHD, high blood pressure, obesity, anxiety, depression, diabetes, fatty liver disease. If this isn’t a red flag for the medical community, then what is?


It’s time for an intervention! Thankfully, FACE members are open to incorporating the growing body of evidence demonstrating that we need to get back to the basics of anatomy and physiology.


Julia Worrall, PN, RN, CCRN, SANE
Executive Director, FACE
Foundation for Airway & Craniofacial Excellence



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