At every level, Auxiliary Staff have a significant role to play by:


  • Accurately assessing needs
  • Delivering care
  • Designing clinical or policy response
  • Evaluating outcomes and effectiveness.

Attention Auxiliary Staff….


Your ability to effect change is just as important as your technical skills.


You are influential at all levels.


Leadership is a process not a position.

Leadership involves a collaborative process that takes place in small groups and communities and is intimately tied to social responsibility, good citizenship, professional and ethical responsibilities to champion the human right to optimal health.

 At the front-line, you collaborate with patients and empower them to take responsibility for making positive changes themselves. Not only do you influence others in their day to day work, but you have developed an expert set of skills in the art of persuasion, a process that involves relationship-building and negotiation.

 Healthcare providers, your sphere of influence goes well beyond the individuals, families, groups and communities that you work with on a daily basis. It extends throughout the health sector to influence medical, dental,  allied health colleagues, as well as those with policy, management and fiscal responsibilities.

 Tap into YOUR OWN power, drive, initiative, and networking skills to bring life-saving knowledge to the forefront of medicine!


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